On-Page or On Site Search Engine Opimization (SEO) – Keywords

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MacRAE’s Marketing (the company where I spend most of my wage earning hours) consults with companies every day about the best way to spend their on-line marketing dollars.  When our client has the patience to wait for organic search to find them (can be 5-8 months away or longer), I always recommend creating a list of primary keywords that will drive web site content production and a list of secondary keywords that content creators should keep in mind when writing a web site page or a blog posting for their site.

Keyword creation refers to compiling a list of individual words and multi-word phrases (2-6 words usually) that will guide the content creation for the site.  Of paramount importance in keyword research is balancing the keywords you think people will use in their search, with discovering what people are actually searching.  There are many tools to help you in this task.  Google AdWords has a keyword creation tool that, once you enter a list of keywords and phrases, will tell you

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Offering Small Biz Fractional Employment: Consultants, is this right for you? #yaGottaLoveMarketing


Fractional Employee
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If small business services are what you like to offer then getting consistent work as an online marketing consultant is a challenging task and getting work that you truly enjoy is the most challenging of all.

First step, figure out what you love to do.  Then figure out how to do it every day.   #yaGottaLoveMarketing

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Equation for Success – Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Better Results than PPC

Pay Per Lead Dial it Up

Have you tried Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing?  You may have experienced great results or you may have had a similar experience to many others who paid for lots of clicks and had little, in the way of measurable sales results, to show for it.

If you are in the group that may be wary of the PPC money pit, you may want to take a look at the Pay Per Lead (PPL) online marketing program being offered by MacRAE’s Marketing Pay Per Lead .

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Small Business – Get Online Now!

Keep Calm
SME’s –  Get Online ASAP

Are you running a Small Business?  Where do you start when deciding what to do with your website?  Are you already online and want to update your website or are you going online for the first time?

If a website is new for you, get a basic site up asap.  Even if you plan to change it 100% later, get the site up now so you can give the search engines time to find it.  It will take 6 months before your site gets very much search engine attention, so just put up a single page now and start that clock ticking.

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