Offering Small Biz Fractional Employment: Consultants, is this right for you? #yaGottaLoveMarketing


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If small business services are what you like to offer then getting consistent work as an online marketing consultant is a challenging task and getting work that you truly enjoy is the most challenging of all.

First step, figure out what you love to do.  Then figure out how to do it every day.   #yaGottaLoveMarketing

The Problem:  Today, many small businesses are not in a financial position to hire full-time marketing people (if they had the time to look).

The Result: Small business is not hiring.  Or they are try to save money by hiring an inexperienced, recent graduate from college, university or high school, hoping the new hire is engaged enough to stay on top of best practices for their online marketing.Marketing for these businesses is either non-existent or half-baked at best and the company’s growth opportunities deteriorate.  The business owner will likely spend their hard earned money and get little or no lasting benefit from their marketing investment before this new hire decides there is “something more shiny over there” and leaves the business with a partly implemented marketing plan.  This approach has obvious downsides.

So What Can We Do?:  Enter Fractional Employment.  Fractional employment refers to workers who offer their services on a permanent, part-time basis.   Do you offer this option to your clients?  Your client gets an experienced marketer (you) who will work with them to create a well thought out marketing plan and then implement that marketing plan on a part-time basis throughout the year.

This approach is not as time efficient as full time work since, it will take longer to roll out your full marketing plan and some time will be lost each day for the fractional employee to get “back up to speed” each time they return to focus on your marketing plan.  This efficiency loss is nothing compared to the losses small business can suffer by not marketing to grow (or just maintain) current business.

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