Digital Marketing in the Greater Toronto Area for Service Companies


Digital marketing for service companies in the GTA can be a very  power way of generating new business.   Improved  website presence with new content driving your search engine optimization (SEO) can make a big difference in your new client development efforts.   I have worked with service companies from many sectors and these companies have had an excellent return on investment (ROI) for their digital marketing spend.

Service companies in business to business (B2B) industries such as personnel recruitment, junk removal, asset and inventory liquidation and in business to consumer (B2C) industries such as home inspection services, asbestos and pest removal and wellness services can all get a good ROI with a medium marketing budget.   Their online marketplaces have lots of search being done and so they have a much better chance of being found and contacted.

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A good marketing person will be able to do some research to find out if your industry is a candidate for using digital marketing to generate a positive ROI.   If there is lots of search in your geographic territory, your website looks professional and offers clear calls to action to contact you, the leads will come.

All you need is time (4-6 months) and patience and you can get that new business through digital marketing efforts.   If you need results quicker, a website refresh and pay per click (PPC) program may be better suited to your needs.   Contact me.

Rob Dunford is a Marketing Consulting in the Great Toronto Area with over 20 years experience in building and implementing marketing plans for small business.

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