Digital Marketing in the Greater Toronto Area for Service Companies



Digital marketing for service companies in the GTA can be a very power way of generating new business.  Improved website presence with new content driving your search engine optimization (SEO) can make a big difference in your new client development efforts.  I have worked with service companies from many sectors and these companies have had an excellent return on investment (ROI) for their digital marketing spend.

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Businesses Perfect for Online Marketing

Digital MarketingDoes search engine optimization (SEO) work for all businesses?  To some degree yes, but many businesses would be better off to spend their limited marketing resources another way.

A good SEO marketer should be able to complete some preliminary research to determine how competitive the industry/keywords are and how costly is will be to effectively market your business with SEO.  By looking at the amount of search being done and the number of competitors in your marketplace, a good supplier of SEO services should be able to …

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If You’re Not Using Bing Ads, You’re missing 14% of all online search in Canada!

bing-vs-google20copy-11351604Bing vs AdWords – Should You Bother?

If you found out Your Online Marketing was Consistently missing over 10% of all online search, would you start paying attention?

Are you using Google AdWords to drive relevant web traffic to your website?   How is that working?  Either way, read on.

According to statistics shared in a presentation at a Microsoft event (see below for presentation), compared to Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo caters to a more affluent group and with every click costing 15-20% of the cost of a click on AdWords, Bing/Yahoo is a great

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Adding Your Company to Profile Canada Directory, for free, in 3 easy steps!

With Profile Canada, help your business improve your search engine ranking. is a well respected directory site listing over 1 million Canadian businesses.  The online directory is used by tens of thousands of people each month to find and contact businesses for their offered services.  Google loves and the businesses listed there because the directory is considered an authority site as it has been around for a long time.

Primarily for Canadian service companies (manufacturers try, is a great place to list your business to help people find you in Google search.

The best part of Profile Canada is that your listing is free!!  List my company in Profile Canada or 

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Ride To Conquer Cancer June 10 – 11 2017

We will beat cancer in my lifetime!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my Ride to Conquer Cancer!!  Your support is needed and welcomed more than mere words can say.  I am half way to my goal of raising $2,500.  If you still plan to donate, please look at the bottom of this email for a link to do so.


Some of you have asked if you could join me and my team in the ride this year, so I am sending you this information just in case you also want to join us.


To sign up for the ride and earn $50 towards your fundraising goal (and mine) use this link:


I’m really excited about this years ride. Here is why I am so exciting…

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Gone Phishing, Spear Phishing and Whaling

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Last night I returned to my old stomping grounds at the University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, for a #ClassesWithoutQuizzes discussion about your digital footprint.  The focus of this event was on understanding how email fraudsters try to fool you and protecting yourself from these criminals.  It was also suggested we share what we learned here tonight, so I am posting this for my Blog readers and will share as much as I can.

The presenter, Ryan Duquette of Hexigent Consulting, told a packed house and a live webinar group that Phishing (pronounced like “fishing”) is a form of fraud where an attacker masquerades as a trustworthy entity to gain information from a potential victim.

This information can include things such as logon credentials,

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Let HubSpot Inbound Digital Marketing Certification Make a BIG Difference in your Business

Have you built a website, but the leads just aren’t flowing in?  Building your site is important foundation work to creating a successful 24 hours a day, lead generating source.  To be most effective, your website needs visitors and to get visitors you need a plan!!  This is where Inbound Marketing can make all the difference.

We speak to people every day who are “Do It Yourself” (DIY) style business leaders.  These people are much more interested in learning how to create and implement an Inbound Marketing strategy than paying to outsource this service, so has decided to help people learn how to DIY for Inbound Marketing with a training offer that is hard to ignore.

And best of all.  For companies with eligible employees in Ontario, the Inbound Digital Marketing Training Program we are offering qualifies for the Canada – Ontario Job Grant covering up to 83% of the costs.  This means a savings of as much as $5,000 per person taking the course.

The course curriculum occurs over 7 days.  We presently have only 2 training course dates being offered, since our first dates are now full.  These training dates are:

  • Training date #2 – August 1-12
  • Training date #3 – September 12 – 23
  • More to be announced in last quarter 2016

We recommend 2-3 people from your company (representing marketing, sales and IT if possible) take the training at this same time, to ensure the inbound marketing plan that we will be creating will best meet your specific marketing requirements.

What to Expect from this Training:

  • fully understand Inbound Marketing fundamentals.
  • receive customized instruction on developing your own 12-month multi-campaign Inbound Marketing plan including campaign design and development for your company.
  • capitalize on MacRAE’S 15 years’ experience in helping B2B and B2C with digital marketing strategies, combined with HubSpot expertise as the industry leader in North America.
  • receive personalized attention

Course Registration, Fees and Eligibility:

Course registration is limited to ensure your experience is personalized and the plan we create can be tailored to meet your marketing needs, so please confirm your interest ASAP.

Process for Approval:

Once you decide to proceed with applying for the grant, MacRAE’S Marketing will fill out much of the attached form to ensure our training program is properly described for the grant and provide you with a quotation for the training to include with the submission.

Then we will send the forms to you and ask you to add in the employee specific information. Once you have completed the form, you will send the completed documents to the Employment Ontario offices and await approval. Approval can take up to 30 days, but often comes much sooner.

Eligibility for Canada Ontario Job Grant:

Employers with more than 50 employees, pay 1/6th of the training cost upon approval.  Employers with less than 50 employees, employers pay 1/3rd of the cost upon approval. Click Canada Ontario Job Grant to learn more about the grant program.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.  If you are interested in moving an application forward, please let me know as space is limited.

More information on this training click here

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Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

According to our partner, HubSpot, Inbound Marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be.

HubSpot ACCD Image


The backbone of your Inbound Marketing investment must be to create a plan that will Attract, Convert, Close and Delight people who are considering your products and services. Today, I would like to discuss the first stage of Inbound Marketing, the Attract Stage.

The Attract Stage of inbound marketing involves

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Inbound Marketing – Not All Inbound Links to Your Site are Created Equal in Value – Do you Have a Problem?

Image from

As the National Sales Manager at a mid-sized Inbound Marketing firm in Mississauga, Ontario, I often get asked about the importance of inbound links to your web site and the effects these links have on your Inbound Marketing success.

  • Are there “good” links to your website pages and “bad” or harmful inbound links? 
  • What makes one link better than another link?
  • After all, aren’t all links created equal?

Assuming you want your website to generate new leads and opportunities for your company

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Your Sites On-Page SEO – Content is King, Long Live the King!!

SEO-Content is King
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The breadth and regular posting of content on your website determines the visitors who will find your site through search.

Content is still King! Long Live the King!

After all, your content is why people are visiting your site; what will help you achieve your on-line marketing goals. Whether they be gaining credibility with existing or new clients, generating leads, downloads of whitepapers, collecting email address for drip marketing or whatever your motivation for creating the web site in the first place.

The most valuable areas to maximize the benefits of any content you put on your site is to:

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