Why Are My Site Indexed Pages Being Dropped from Search?

Why Are My Site Indexed Pages Being Dropped from Search

Google’s algorithm crawls your website and keeps these pages in their index so they can show up in search results for specific queries. You can check the Google Search Console (GSC) to see how many of your pages are in their index.

If you keep adding new content and keeping a valid sitemap, this number should keep rising. Unless, of course, if you intentionally delete some pages. However, if this number declines suddenly or over time, then you might have a problem.

Why does this happen?

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What Can I Do to Optimize My Online Reputation?

What Can I Do to Optimize My Online Reputation

When people want to learn more about your business, the first thing they will likely do is Google you. This is why you want them to see positive Google My Business (GMB) reviews.  

The goal of reputation management is to ensure that the best stuff ever said about you or your organization is what people find. To do that, you need to ensure your website, social media accounts, and best GMB reviews rank highest when people search for you. Here’s what you can do with Google’s search result pages to optimize your online reputation.

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What is Mobile First Indexing? Do I Need to Redo My Website?

What is Mobile First Indexing Do I Need to Redo My Website

By now you may know that Google has been shifting its algorithm in favor of mobile-friendly sites, and mobile-first indexing is a step in that initiative.

Up until now, businesses often created two versions of the company site — one for viewing on a desktop and one for viewing on mobile devices. When Google used to index and rank sites, it would use the site’s desktop version to get the information it needed for website ranking. Now the shift to indexing mobile versions first is on.

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How Do You Target Your Featured Snippet?

How Do You Target Your Featured SnippetFeatured Snippet is a format that’s supposed to provide users with a direct and concise answer to their questions right on the SERP (without them having to click on a specific result). In other words, they’ve selected search results featured in a box on top of organic search results and below the ads.

Featured snippets are important for your SEO for two reasons.   First, they present an opportunity to get more clicks from organic traffic without higher Google rankings. Second, they increase the number of no-click searches.   When performing a search, you’ll likely see these featured snippets for all sorts of things, and it’s an opportunity you should target.   But how to do it?

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Google’s Search Ranking and Things You Might Have Missed About It

Google's Search Ranking and Things You Might Have Missed About ItDiving into digital marketing without knowing how Google ranking works is a recipe for disaster (and a big waste of your time). Google regularly rolls out small updates to its algorithm, while we see significant updates every few months. The algorithm constantly evolves to provide users the best experience, and it uses more than 200 factors (such as backlinks, page load times, mobile-friendliness) to rank pages and websites.

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PPC Ad Networks: Going Beyond Google Ads

PPC Ad Networks Going Beyond Google AdsAdWords and Bing are probably the most well-known PPC networks.   Unfortunately, those are the only two most people think about when it comes to PPC marketing.   There are many more PPC networks out there, and no two of them are exactly alike, which is a good thing because advertisers have more opportunities to build a massive reach across different audiences and online behaviors.

Today, the 8 best PPC ad networks are:

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Social Media Outreach for B2B – Great for Branding, Not So Good for Revenue

Social Media Outreach for B2B - Great for Branding, Not So Good for RevenueSocial media is seen as a marketing tool that is extremely beneficial for B2C companies, but one that B2Bs struggle with.   It’s not true that B2B companies cannot enjoy success from social media, but the benefits they can reap from it are a bit different.   For B2B companies, social media is great for branding, but not that effective at bringing in immediate revenue.

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Optimizing Your Location Page for “Near Me” Search

Optimizing Your Location Page for Near Me SearchLocal businesses need to know how to optimize for their specific area.   Standing out in local searches is the best way to get the majority of queries and customers.   However, there is a lot of confusion about what it takes to be number one in the local digital landscape.

The biggest misconception for many owners, who are new to digital marketing, is that the answer lies in

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5 Effective PPC Strategies to Try Yourself

5 Effective PPC Strategies to Try Yourself

Pay per click marketing, or PPC marketing, is one of the best ways to generate more sales. Unlike SEO, which focuses more on traffic and the long game, PPC allows you to instantly reach an audience that is more likely to convert.   However, after some time, the process of running pay per click campaigns can become automatic.

While this is a great way to scale the process, it does stop many marketers from

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