Inbound Links to Your Website – Some Are Good, Some Not So Good – Make the Right Choice

Backlink can be helpful and harmful.

I often get asked about the importance of inbound links to your web site and the  effects these links have on your Inbound Marketing success.

  • Are there “good” links to your website pages and “bad” or harmful inbound links?  
  • What makes one link better than another link?
  • After all, aren’t all links created equal?

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What Is Internal Link Building and Why Should We Do It?

Among the things that make an SEO strategy successful, the way that you use links ranks high on the list of priorities. When link building is mentioned, SEO backlinks tend to be the first thing that comes to the minds of most marketers. However, that doesn’t mean that other types of links should be neglected. While backlinks are undoubtedly a critical factor in your website ranking and its perceived authority, internal linking – linking from one page within your website to another page in your website – can be just as important.

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