What KPI’s Should You Use to Track Your Digital Marketing Performance?

SEO is a very effective tool because it can be tracked and measured. SEO metrics can give you insights into everything: traffic, ranking, engagement, order, or revenue. It can tell you exactly how you are faring and this is the reason why every SEO expert uses it to determine where to spend their time and efforts in their SEO work.

If you want to do a thorough SEO analysis, you should look at your metrics; frequently referred to as KPI (key performance indicators). Looking at your KPI’s will provide you with the data needed to formulate new strategies or improve the current ones in place.  In other words, it will tell you if your strategies are doing well or not.

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How Can I Generate the Best SEO Content?

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When it comes to digital marketing optimization, most marketers focus on building an effective SEO strategy that will enable their business to climb up the search engine rankings.  SEO often involves practices such as thoughtfully building pathways for your audience to find your website, shifting around keywords and tags, and linking authoritative sites to help you climb up the rankings.

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Podcast and SEO – Can They Work Together to Help Your Business?

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As Google becomes more and more advanced, it enables various types of media to shine and come to the forefront.   One of the best examples of this is podcasts.   Podcasts are listened to by hundreds of thousands of people daily.   However, there are very few SEO consultants who would consider them to be direct SEO assets that could help you rank in SERPs.

Podcasting is more of a means of expression, promotion, and networking.   It could help drive some

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Google Announces BERT Update. What does this mean to my digital marketing?

Google Announces BERT Update. What does this mean to my digital marketing

Google is always pushing boundaries and looking for ways to improve their services. One of their primary missions is to make Google searches more practical and relevant by enhancing the interpretation of queries, giving people the results they seek. This past October was a significant milestone in that mission with the new BERT update. Many that speak about BERT call it a significant

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