What Are Some Common Concerns about SEO as an Effective Marketing Choice?

What-Are-Some-Common-Concerns-about-SEO-as-an-Effective-Marketing-ChoiceThe secrets of SEO may seem as though they are a science practiced only by the technically adept, but the truth is that there are many things business owners can do to help their search result rankings even with the most basic of technical skills. But is it worth it? It’s always a healthy choice to take a critical look at any business strategy before investing.

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Ride To Conquer Cancer June 10 – 11 2017

We will beat cancer in my lifetime!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my Ride to Conquer Cancer!!  Your support is needed and welcomed more than mere words can say.  I am half way to my goal of raising $2,500.  If you still plan to donate, please look at the bottom of this email for a link to do so.


Some of you have asked if you could join me and my team in the ride this year, so I am sending you this information just in case you also want to join us.


To sign up for the ride and earn $50 towards your fundraising goal (and mine) use this link: http://to17.conquercancer.ca/site/TRR?pg=tfind&fr_id=1581&fr_tm_opt=none&s_subsrc=2623333


I’m really excited about this years ride. Here is why I am so exciting…

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