How Do You Target Your Featured Snippet?

How Do You Target Your Featured SnippetFeatured Snippet is a format that’s supposed to provide users with a direct and concise answer to their questions right on the SERP (without them having to click on a specific result). In other words, they’ve selected search results featured in a box on top of organic search results and below the ads.

Featured snippets are important for your SEO for two reasons.  First, they present an opportunity to get more clicks from organic traffic without higher Google rankings. Second, they increase the number of no-click searches.  When performing a search, you’ll likely see these featured snippets for all sorts of things, and it’s an opportunity you should target.  But how to do it?

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5 ways to Look at and Learn from Your Competitors.

5 ways to Look at and Learn from Your Competitors.jpg

Running and growing a business is a pretty tough task. It relies heavily on one’s ability to influence and control the market, especially in the online world. The best way to do this is to step up your game and be flexible and resourceful. Especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. You want to be able to understand your audience and know how to provide them with the right content that will get them to convert.

One of the best ways to do this is

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Google Announces BERT Update. What does this mean to my digital marketing?

Google Announces BERT Update. What does this mean to my digital marketing

Google is always pushing boundaries and looking for ways to improve their services. One of their primary missions is to make Google searches more practical and relevant by enhancing the interpretation of queries, giving people the results they seek. This past October was a significant milestone in that mission with the new BERT update. Many that speak about BERT call it a significant

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