Google Announces BERT Update. What does this mean to my digital marketing?

Google Announces BERT Update. What does this mean to my digital marketing

Google is always pushing boundaries and looking for ways to improve their services. One of their primary missions is to make Google searches more practical and relevant by enhancing the interpretation of queries, giving people the results they seek. This past October was a significant milestone in that mission with the new BERT update. Many that speak about BERT call it a significant

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What Are Some Common Concerns about SEO as an Effective Marketing Choice?

What-Are-Some-Common-Concerns-about-SEO-as-an-Effective-Marketing-ChoiceThe secrets of SEO may seem as though they are a science practiced only by the technically adept, but the truth is that there are many things business owners can do to help their search result rankings even with the most basic of technical skills. But is it worth it? It’s always a healthy choice to take a critical look at any business strategy before investing.

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Outdated SEO Practices You Should Avoid

Getting your website to climb the rankings in the Google search is impossible without SEO nowadays. Unfortunately, there are many websites and business owners who still use outdated SEO practices.

Some of them used to be SEO best practices, and then Google released an update that left them in the dust. Some of the practices were always black hat SEO (not allowed) and were designed to game the system. Today, you can’t have a successful SEO strategy without offering quality to the visitors. To help you do that, let’s look at some outdated SEO practices you should avoid:

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