Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Off Page Performance

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So, you built a beautiful optimized web site and now it’s time to sit back and let the leads roll in.   Maybe that worked 2 years ago, but not likely today.   Online marketing is an ongoing event that must show continual change and improvement.

You need to think about your off page optimization.   Your competitors are probably thinking about this and so should you.   I’m talking about your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies away from your web site and how they

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Small Business – Get Online Now!?

Keep Calm
SME’s –  Get Online ASAP

Are you running a Small Business?  Where do you start when deciding what to do with your website?  Are you already online and want to update your website or are you going online for the first time?

If a website is new for you, get a basic site up asap.  Even if you plan to change it 100% later, get the site up now so you can give the search engines time to find it.  It will take 6 months before your site gets very much search engine attention, so just put up a single page now and start that clock ticking.

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